Thursday, August 17, 2017

Roxanne Gone Green

Just when you thought a bag wouldn't have any other variations - along comes another one.

Take the Roxanne: she comes in mini (Blenheim), not quite as mini (Rosemary) and huge (Romilly). Then there is the tote in a couple of sizes. And the more recently created Roxette has undoubtedly been inspired by the Roxanne. I thought that was it. And then I came across this beauty in the most gorgeous shade of green.

Mulberry Roxanne Satchel

May I introduce: the Roxanne Satchel. Much more lightweight than the classic Roxanne, due to the choice of leather, and with a long strap, she might be much more practical as an everyday lug around bag. Check out what I fit in!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Boden Wins Again

Honestly two of my favourite outfits; both with the same Boden skirt - but in different prints. The animal print skirt paired with the knotty hem top does that 'fitted waist + wide top = magic a waist' thing so well. The navy & white print skirt just goes so nicely with the navy & white Breton top. And I'm lucky enough to have some necklaces in my wardrobe that just work.

Feels like... autumn?! Dark tights and long sleeves. Sigh. Well, we had a maximum of 16 degrees C yesterday. 
I do love this to though, with its knotty hem...
Top: Mango
Skirt: Boden
Boots: Zara
Necklace: Warehouse

I love my new top from Boden: the navy perfectly matches the hue in this skirt (also Boden) and the sleeves add a bit of pizzazz. 
Top & skirt: Boden 
Trainers: Converse 
Necklace: Zara

You know that I kinda like hydrangeas, right? ;) Still in love with this print, which is why I have it twice. Struggling to put a necklace with it. I don't do bracelets (annoy me when typing) and usually forget about earrings but maybe I should try harder when wearing this dress? What would you add? 
Dress: Boden
Boots: Zara

You know what I'm like with statement necklaces, right? Well, I'm talking to a colleague about an incident management exercise (admittedly, not one of the most exciting subjects) and she suddenly blurts out "does this necklace not get in the way?" I guess it kind of does. Especially when you're wearing a fitted coat. But obviously very handy as a distractor. Note to self: wear when having to present something I have no clue about!
Dress & top worn underneath: H&M
Necklace: Marni for H&M
Shoes: Zara

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lovely New Arrival

So I stumbled upon VVA bags a while ago. And I've been lusting after one of their Dahlias for a while. 
A search on my own blog reveals it's been at least a year!

I finally took the plunge and ordered one of these last week...

 VVA Dahlia Moc Croc Black Leather Tote
...and she arrived shortly after. See me unbox here right here:

Full review to follow!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

August Favourites

Ok, so you're only getting a couple of outfits in this week's roundup - but it's quality over quantity this time! (Not saying that I am usually showing you the dreggs... I'm digging myself a hole, here right?!)

Anyway... One of them is one of my current favourites: that green midi skirt is still a tricky length (of course it is, not like I've grown...) but the colour will forever cheer me up and matched with this embroidered top I am feeling distinctly spring-summer-ish and bouncy!
The other one seems plain but I am showing off a new Boden top - that's current enough for me to provide a link below!

Watehouse midi skirt with zara embroidered top
A repeat outfit - but with different shoes! 
I'm laughing because little M is propping up (=wobbling) the mirror and singing "Mama, look: my finger is a wiggly worm!" 
Top: Zara 
Top worn underneath: H and M 
Skirt: Warehouse 
Trainers: Converse

Boden frilly Breton top with Jeans
New stripy top with ruffles from Boden. A bit casual for a Tuesday but I got bitten to bits by something during the night and didn't want to have my legs out. I actually wore a blazer over this at work. 
Top: Boden 
Jeans: Next 
Boots: Marks and Spencer

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Clash or Match?

Print, print and more print this week: two outfits of uni-coloured tops with print skirts and two where I'm matching different prints on top and bottom. I always think the uni t-shirt is a bit of a cop out and love it when clashing prints works - but it doesn't always...

H&M print top and Boden animal print skirt
Looking at the weather today, yesterday may well have been the last day of summer... I'm glad I wore something light and bright! 
T-shirt: H & M 
Skirt and cardigan: Boden 
Shoes: Zara

Teal t-shirt with Boden floral print skirt
  Give me summer... on a skirt! You can't gimmick better than hydrangeas - I just love them! T-shirt: Warehouse 
Cardigan and skirt: Boden 
Trainers: Converse 
Necklace: Stella & Dot

Boden retro print skirt with uni t-shirt
Yep, I still post outfits every now and then... (You're forgiven if you thought I'd moved onto flowers.) one of my favourite Boden prints! 
T-shirt: Warehouse 
Skirt and cardigan: Boden 
Necklace: Topshop 
Shoes: Dune Shoes 

Not sure about this one - maybe I just crave pretty colour too much at the moment to compensate for the lack of summer... The short must have been in my wardrobe for at least a decade, probably more like 15 years - and I've never worn it. I decided it now either works or has to go. It's still not off the hook - either way. Lol. 
Shirt: Miss Sixty 
Skirt: Rumour London at Wolf & Badger 
Trainers: Converse

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mulberry Bicester Outlet July Stockcheck

A flying visit at Bicester after a brief visit in Oxford.

The award for best behaved child of the weekend goes to little M. We had such a lovely dinner at the Lion in Wendlebury (will have to go back there: the pork belly was so yummy!) and he was so lovely. Even when he got tired, he held of the nark and whinge and just wanted a cuddle. Today at Mulberry I said "5 more minutes" a few too many times to his "Mama, can we go yet?" He was following me around the store obediently, whilst I was checking on prices for ladies on our Facebook group.

And the award for best Sales Assistant goes to Gemma, who made sure that the items I collected for a couple of ladies were perfect!

Insight: Gemma confirmed that they might be getting some stock back form the sample sale but they have no idea what it will be. So, if you feel you missed out on a specific sample sale bargain, check back with them in a few days.

Just a few prices after the pics - enjoy!

Small Antony oak, black, oxblood  - £440
Large Antony oak, black, oxblood - £520

Alexa oak (polished buffalo?) - £880

Alice Small black - £555

Bayswater (old style) various colours - from £626

Camera bags - Python was the cheapest at £297

Cara - Medium & Mini in NVT were all 10% off for Oak and Black (not Oxblood) - I didn't actually catch a price - sorry! 
Cara - Medium & Mini Quilted steel blue, fiery spritz - £455 for Mini

Effie Satchel - £325
Effie Tote oak, black - £395 

Kite Regular - cheapest was a black with missing pouch £435

Lily Mini various colours - from £200
Lily Regular Aqua - £495 

Maple Regular - from £626

Tessie Hobo - from £485
Tessie Satchel - from £355

Locked Cosmetic Pouch black, taupe, oak - £156
Long Locked Purse oak, black - £236
Small Coin Pouch candy (pink) - £70
Scarves signature tree - £115
Scarves large plaid - £130

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mulberry Sample Sale

Our Mulberry Facebook page has been in a bit of a frenzy with the current Mulberry sample sale in full swing. People sharing their bargains, newbies trying to find out how to get in on the action - and a bit of eBay stalking, sniffing up the mark ups of some cunning re-sellers. I have actually never been, as I don't live near London and it doesn't warrant me traveling down purely for this, but some of my friends have been and the page is usually awash with info and snapshots. ***Thanks at this point to Bea Tare and Catherine Fry for pics and infos!***

When is it on?
Usually twice a year, this one was at the end of July, I think the other one is on in January.

How do I get an invite?
Your best bet is to be on the Mulberry mailing list, I usually get a notification, referring me to their sign up page. Here you can request an invite for a specific day. The other option is to follow the Music Room pages, where the event is usually held. There is no fee to pay as such, but they ask you to make a small (£2) donation when you hand in your bag and coat (see below).

What do I need to know?
I believe, you will have to leave your bag(s) and coat in the cloakroom. You're only allowed to take in your phone and purse.
It gets rather busy, though the length of the queue and congestion in the venue fluctuates. Either way, plan in time, you can't be sure about how long it's going to take you!

What can I find there?
Past seasons' stock, the odd obscure sample (e.g. a bag made in an unusual leather), outlet surplus.

What are the discounts like?
Actually very similar to outlet prices (an example here), though you will find the odd mega bargain. Have a look at the prices below the pics to give you an idea. Considering that you get a proper "Mulberry experience" at the outlet, I'd probably prefer that over a sample sale visit (some people liken it to a rummage sale) but if you're around when one is on, it is well worth checking out.

Alice Small - £550 
Blossom Tote - £229 
Camera Bags - £250 
Cara Mini Quilted - £400 
Cara Medium Quilted - £795 
Clemmie Clutch - £365 
Daria Taupe - £555 
Effie Satchel oak/black - £260 
Effie Tote oak/black - £300 
Freya Satchel - £395 
Kensington Small - £400 
Kensington Large - £495 
Lily Mini - £199 
Tessie Satchel - £425 
Tessie Tote - £350 
Tessie Hobo - £475 
Willow Tote (small) - £795 
Willow Tote (large) - £895 

Small Zip Around Purse - £135 
Long purse - £205 
Belts - £50ea. or £80 for 2 
Cara Quilted Pouch - £95 
iPad cases (different sizes) - £30 
Zipped Cosmetic Purse orange, green - £135 
Key rings - £30 

Ready to wear samples - from £50 
Trousers - £50 
Blouses and dresses - from £50 
Scarves - £125 
Shoes - from £100
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