Thursday, December 21, 2017

Bayswater Variety

"Just one of any style" I said. "No point in having multiple colours in the same design" I continued.

4 Bayswaters later...

Why? How?And which one is my favourite? Want to find out?

...and which one is your favourite?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Three Times a (Mulberry) Lily

I'm coming back to the 'little black dress' analogy: every wardrobe should have one. But obviously I'm talking bags (it is Thursday). In this case, a small handbag with a long (chain) strap. Blame the Chanel Flap for imposing this on my wardrobe but it's kind of a given, right? Only that I will not be spending Chanel kinda money. But Mulberry offers a comparably affordable option in the Lily: small enough to look dressy but big enough to hold your essentials and a long chain strap. Sorted. But there are so many different finishes - which one to go for? Have a look at my three Lilys:

Lily in Plaster Pink Wrinkle Patent with Rose Gold Hardware

Lily in Oak NVT

Lily in Printed Oak NVT

Take a closer look!

Which one's your favourite?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Mainly Monochromes

I didn't manage to to do my outfit roundup (or bag post) last week due to various work things, namely working late and a Christmas work do - the latter being the more enjoyable one of the two. Anyway, so here is the week before last, which was all about monochrome and a couple of pics from last week.

So let's start with the monochromes:

The challenge for this week? Monochrome! Maybe that explains the grumpy face - I'm starting to miss my colourful patterns! (Don't judge me if i break at some point during the week!)
Dress: Zara
Necklace: Stella & Dot
Boots: something Italian that I bought in Germany...

What is she doing?! I dunno, but I'm gonna stand just like her! Monochrome look number 2, with and without jacket. And I snuck a pattern mix in!
Blouse: Miss Selfridge
Skirt: Reiss
Jacket: Warehouse
Boots: Zara

Awkward pose alert! Monochrome week continues with separates - and another print. :)
Top, skirt & boots: Zara
Jacket: Warehouse

And now on to last week's "randoms"...

 The skirt is the fashionably raggedy star in this. A reference to a Dickensian street scene was made, and I then thought of the bit in Pygmalion, where she sells flowers. "Wouldn't it be loverley..."
Top & skirt: Zara
Jacket: Warehouse
Boots: Office

No outfit challenge planned but we're continuing the Victoriana theme (though one of my colleagues referenced Adam Ant yesterday). The locket is actually genuinely Victorian. It was a present from Mr G and holds a picture of little M. :) 
Blouse and jacket: Warehouse 
Skirt: Topshop 
Boots: no idea... 
Locket: proper old

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Something Old, Something New

You might have seen one of my Mulberry Roxanne reviews. And maybe also my Roxette unboxing  - though I just realised, I haven't done a proper review yet, so need to do that asap! Anyway, back to the here and now: the Roxette is often described as the modern take on the Roxanne, so I thought I'd do a quick comparison video.

I need to state here that I am comparing the Small Roxette with the Roxanne, so you could argue that I should compare the Roxanne with the Regular Roxette but I don't have one of those and the Rosemary is a fair bit smaller that the Small Roxette.

Fancy having a look? Measurements for your info at the bottom!

Which one is your favourite?

Roxanne measures ca width 34 cm, depth 18 cm, height 19 cm. Handledrop is ca 22cm.
Roxette measures ca width 30 cm, depth 14 cm, height 21 cm. Handledrop is ca 10cm - but you do get a long adjustable strap.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

No Prints Allowed

Apologies for the rather dark pics I improved on my video quality but I'm still on my iPhone 6, which isn't great in low light. It is winter, after all.

Anyway, this week's challenge was to still abstain from print separates, so no trusty Boden pencil skirts or Zara tops. Instead it's all about block colours - ok, including black, so uni coloured separates.

New week, new challenge. Last week was all about the print dress, so I thought I'd try a week without (!) any prints at all. Yikes! 
Top: Primark 
Skirt and boots: Zara

I'm continuing my "separates without print" challenge by adding texture again: crushed velvet in the skirt and a shiny mock-croc belt. Probably slightly over-coordinated for me with matching(ish) bag, shoes and belt! (The belt is probably over a decade old and from Jesire.)
Top: Karen Millen
Skirt: Zara
Jacket: Warehouse
Belt: Jesire
Boots: Office
Bag: VVA

Separates without print - the challenge continues! Textures help massively though and pairing pleather with this woven fabric gives a bit of interest. :)
Top: Mango
Skirt: Warehouse
Boots: Zara
Necklace: Accessorize

Another day of "no print separates". The fact that I was running late meant no time to find a necklace. I actually liked this outfit but it does look awfully plain and dark here...
Jumper and boots: Zara
Skirt: Mango

Yesterday's casual Friday outfit. Still no print separates but I added some texture again, this time with this Zara jacket.
Top: Warehouse
Jeans: Paige
Jacket: Zara
Boots: Hallhuber

Thursday, November 23, 2017

22 Mulberry Bags

I listen to you guys. I really do. And when a couple of you said that the quality of my videos wasn't great (I never watch them back, so didn't realise how bad it was), I remembered that little camera I bought about a year ago.

So whilst I still have all my 22 Mulberry bags, I thought I'd re-shoot the collection. 

Not sure if I'm telling you the same stuff or new things but here we go: all my Mulberry bags in one video!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

4 Print Dresses

As I've been relying so heavily on the 'printed skirt and a top combo', I decided to set a few challenges and theme my weeks. 
Last week was 'printed dress week'. 

The first two I reached for are firm favourites but I hadn't worn dress number one for quite a while.
Dress number three has never been worn, though I've had it in my wardrobe for a couple of months.
And dress four was *that* close to being chucked/donated but has now clawed its way back into my list of go-tos!

Oh, and I just noticed: all items from Boden, Zara and Topshop. Time to branch out?

Not worn this dress in aaages! Alas, I had forgotten it was the "team away day", which included bowling. Thanks to its stretchiness the dress played ball - though I was utterly useless. I might have even ended up with the lowest score in the team. Will be tallying up later! 
Dress: Boden 
Boots: Zara
PS: I had the second lowest score. Saved by somebody with a distinctly Disney-themed name.

Old dress, new boots! 
Dress: Boden 
Boots: Zara

New pinstripes! This dress has some seriously flattering rouching going on that magically gives me the hint of a waist! 
Dress & boots: Zara

Last of my week of printed dresses - this was actually intentionally to get me think about what I have in my wardrobe! I was almost going to chuck this one, as it's a bit snuck and wrinkles easily but had 4 people compliment on it. Can't be that bad. :) 
Dress: Topshop 
Necklace & boots:Zara

Next week's post: No prints - at all! Eeek!
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